Tip 13: Presentation Matters

We all wear a mask; The question is what makes yours the best?

Presentation is not about what you are, it's about what others perceive you to be.

So, Today's Strategy is to Please focus on improving your presentation.

Presenting a personal brand in a certain way can influence how people perceive it.

It's important to present yourself well because people's perception of you is heavily influenced by how you present yourself and your brand.

We use this term called "perception management" to describe the process of managing how people see us.

Imagine your personal brand as a carefully crafted story, and perception management as the skilled narrator guiding the audience's interpretation.

By presenting yourself thoughtfully, you assume control over the lens through which others view your brand.

This isn't about creating a facade; it's about showcasing the best version of yourself, aligning with your authentic values and aspirations.

The art of perception management isn't about deception; it's about intentional storytelling.

So, How do you improve your presentation?

Before you interact with people, think about the main message you want to share about yourself. Decide on a few key things you want others to think about you, like being reliable, creative, or a good leader.

Once you have your main message, show it in how you talk, act, and carry yourself. Keep it simple and stick to the same message in different situations. This makes it easier for people to remember what kind of person you are.

Consistency is key. Whether you’re talking to someone new, presenting something, or just chatting, sticking to your main message helps build a strong and true picture of who you are.

Today's video is located on YouTube! It is a recent interview I did with The Connecting Point with Dr. Marcy. Watch the full video here!

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